Sam Barlow’s “Telling Lies” is not a sequel to “Her Story.”


The latest project from ‘Her Story’ creator Sam Barlow stars Logan Marshall-Green, Alexandra Shipp, Kerry Bishe and Angela Sarafyan.

A story the director describes as “‘Sex, Lies and Videotape’ meets ‘The Conversation.'”

Marvel & Stitcher Studios Production of Wolverine: The Lost Trail

Step on the set during recording for Wolverine: The Lost Trail. The sequel to the award-winning 2018 serial podcast Wolverine: The Long Night starring your favorite cigar-smoking mutant.

DCN Podcast Talks 90s Batman, Jericho, and Ravager 

On the latest episode of the DC Comics News Podcast. This week’s host, DCN Reviewer Seth Singleton is joined by fellow DCN Reviewer and Dark Knight News Editor-in-Chief Steve J Ray. Joining the discussion is a new panelist and the owner of both DCN and DKN Damian Fasciani.

Listen in to a discussion about all the happenings in the world DC. Big topics include Doomsday Clock #10 being pushed back (again), Ravager & Jericho joining Deathstroke on Titans, and the possibility of The Batman being set in the ’90s.

DCN Spinner Rack #2

The Spinner Rack has returned, and your host, Seth Singleton is back to spotlight his top 5 releases for the week of March 27th.

Sit back, take a spin, and enjoy the ride!  And while you’re at it, tell us what your top choices are this week!!

Messy Truth About Successful Writers

Two decades and three bestselling novels later, author David Ebershoff says the process of writing, for him, is still pretty much the same: messy, riddled with mistakes and full of uncertainties.

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Seth Singleton is a storyteller. He is the author of This is a Language of Fists and the writing team editor at Blue Alchemy Studios and for its upcoming release, Planet Rise.

Seth believes that stories are a common thread that connects us all and that everyone has a story to tell. 

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