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Enter a world where stories live

Stories began with an oral tradition told from one person to the next, from one person to a group, and from one group to one person.

Listen to the stories told by the creators, legends, and dreamers who bring them to life.

Today that tradition continues

Storytelling with Seth is more than a podcast. It’s a collection of stories available for download or streaming.

Episodes cover Interviews, Comic Book Reviews, Travel, Events, and examples of exceptional moments in storytelling on the Weekly Wrap.

Legends that Last

Carving words and pictures into stone made stories permanent. Writing on paper with ink made the stories portable. Printing copy after copy on a press shared the story with a larger audience. Now you could carry stories in your hand, into your home, into the hands of a friend.

Internet blogs and e-books bring stories to the screens of computers, cellphones, and tablets. Visit this blog to read the stories behind the interviews and people who bring them to life.

The Tools To Write It Down — Photo Credit MJ S

Telling Your Story

Your life is measured by personal milestones. Events like graduations, weddings, anniversaries, and personal achievements represent the culmination of a journey.

Sharing that story invites your friends, family, and fans to know the events that led to your celebration.

Contact me to learn more about telling your story.

The Story of Your Business

Every business is a story. Your success didn’t happen overnight. It wasn’t an accident that your company turned a profit by offering service and quality that stands apart.

It’s a story of hard work and risks, and trust and friendship. My writing can create content that tells your story and your mission.


Sharing that story allows your customers to align themselves with products and services that represent those values. Brands like Patagonia, North Face, and Virgin attract a customer base that shares values of responsibility, conservatorship, and challenging the status quo.

Every person who learns how your story reflects their values will identify with your brand.

Contact me to learn more about telling the story behind your business.

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