A Mission from God

Have you ever been on a “Mission from God”?

A mission from God is a tall order. That’s the challenge that Dave Campbell asked his main character Silk. It all unfolds in the independent comic book series The Calling from Parade Comics.

Silk discovers that his life is going nowhere. But choosing a new direction comes with challenges. Now, Silk must decide how to do the right thing, even when that’s the hardest choice.

Dave Campbell’s Mission

Dave Campbell started drawing at an early age. He gained an affinity for comics and further developed his drawing skills by using them as reference material. After high school in Ecorse, Michigan (Detroit area), Dave attended the University of Michigan’s School of Art & Design. He earned a BFA in graphic design and has worked at many design firms. Dave has managed in-house art departments, pursued a career in music, and even started a team uniform company which he operated for 5 years.

The Mission and The Calling

Dave never lost his love for the comics, which led to co-creating The Calling with writing partner Jeff Williams. He is currently working on issue #2 of Groovy U, a new series written by his daughter Shelby Campbell. By day Dave works as an associate director of content management for a company that provides insight and analysis for various industries. He resides with his wife and three children in California’s Bay Area.

Find The Calling

Visit Parade Comics and Heed The Calling online. Follow them on social media and learn more about the creators behind the mission.

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