App security is possible

Security trends

App security is popular. The most recent security concern started with a new app that had everyone sharing their future face. Celebrities and twenty somethings posted graying photos. News that the popular app was made in Russia reawakened fears of stolen data manipulation.

What’s at stake

Your name and your face are pillars of your identity. When you are a brand or a private person these elements belong in your control. You can still have fun with apps on your phone. Likewise it’s important to remember that there are risks and ways to avoid them.

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The risk is real

FaceApp manipulates a photo’s details. Users can add glasses, and change hair color, makeup, and even gender. FaceApp is AI/Machine Learning. Technology that recognizes facial features is cutting edge.

The information the app gathers from your photos is owned by FaceApp. Its privacy policy details how this information can be used. However this information can be shared with businesses that are legally part of FaceApp. In particular or otherwise considered “Affiliates” of the company.

How to secure your apps

The security blog for AVG AntiVirus you can prevent malware by avoiding third-party app stores, learn to identify scams, and check app permissions.

Avoid Third-Party App Sources

Purchasing apps on a third-party site is side-loading. It’s dangerous for your phone and can lead to information theft. It’s never safe and always risky.

Identify scams

Scams are hard to identify. For example if you need a little help you can always use the Zscaler Application Profiler or ZAP. Zap works on iOS and Android devices. ZAP scans for authentication, device metadata leakage, personally identifiable information leakage, and exposed content.

Check app permissions

Incidentally this one is provided by your authorized app source. When you click on the information details for an app it includes the developer’s permission. Namely, the data you are sharing. You can even manage apps that are already on your phone.

Your security

Securing your device and your identity is possible. For the most part it takes time, research, and a little help. In case you found this post helpful, you can bookmark this page for future reference.


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