Unsung Heroes And Messengers

Unsung Heroes and Messengers
Heroes are not all dressed in shining bright colors. Unsung heroes and messengers are everywhere. They stand in line in the grocery store, complain about parking tickets, and spill their coffee.
Some heroes are messengers. Letterers bring dialogue and stories to the page and the silver screen. Messages are told in songs, movies, and games. References to shared stories litter texts, phone calls, and emails with cultural relevance and importance. 

Avengers: Endgame Trailer Marketing Message

Hannnibal from the A-Team loved it when a plan came together. Working too closely on one plan is an easy way to miss something else. The Avengers Endgame trailer was a perfectly executed marketing strategy that fed the appetites of clamoring fans. 

“Have you seen it yet“?, was the question fans and friends continued to ask. There were no incorrect answers.


Letterers are Messengers

Do most people know Letterers are a driving force in ESL Education? Read this story Letterers are unsung heroes.

Letterers create a visual voice for dialogue and narration. Letters and words direct the reader. They are the messengers of tone and intention. Learn how that process is integral to education and our future.

GDC 2019 Notes

Attending GDC this year? There are a few fun things worth keeping in mind.

GDC is a big event with lots to do. Prioritize and get the most out of the show. All the basics in one simple step.

For more details on this and all the other great sessions use the handy GDC 2019 Session Scheduler.

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Authenticity And Laziness

It’s a story that encourages everyone to relax and be authentic…or lazy. It’s the easiest way to be true to oneself. Lowering the daily achievement score gives affirmation a foundation.

Ninja Gaiden’s Messenger

Sabotage’s love letter to old school 8-bit and 16-bit classics plays with expectations in a surprising way. Invoking a tradition of slashing and dashing gameplay and strategy was just the start. The homage to Ninja Gaiden and its fans aimed to do more than echo the game’s beloved aesthetics.

Instead, the creators chose to honor a legacy. The outcomes are personal and the experience embraces fans of all ages. The message to fans is just one click away.

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