Jack Katz Podcast Transcription

Jack Katz Podcast Part 2 This Jack Katz podcast transcription offers insights from The Jack Katz Podcast Conversation Part 2. When Jack left off, a time traveler had arrived from the future. But he learned that he was not far enough in the past. Here, computers had taken over. Things …

The Resolution Trap

The Dangers of Self-Help

Self-help can reinforce feelings of shame and guilt and being less than
Self-help can enable avoidance and procrastination
Self-help creates more analysis by paralysis
Self-help is a diminishing return

Lost That Christmas Feeling?

Lost that Christmas feeling sounds like a bad cover of an old song. It sounds like something that should be in a joke. But Christmas is the doorway into stories that are not our own. What’s in a feeling? Christmas is so much more than a day on the calendar.┬áIt …

Are You Ready to Join a Podcast Conversation On a Road to Self Acceptance with Tara Massan and Seth Singleton?

By Seth Singleton Doing the Hard Things It’s not easy to talk about a subject like Self Acceptance. That’s why it can help when you have a guide. I was lucky enough to meet Tara Massan. The Mission Her mission is to help others lead a healthier life. She was …

Video Tutorial: How to leave me feedback about podcasts using the voice message feature on Anchor

By Seth Singleton Do you ever wish you could tell someone on television that they were doing it wrong? It’s not that you are mean or that you are trying to hurt them, but you see something that they don’t or can’t. What about radio? Do you ever hear something …

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