The Resolution Trap

The Dangers of Self-Help

Self-help can reinforce feelings of shame and guilt and being less than
Self-help can enable avoidance and procrastination
Self-help creates more analysis by paralysis
Self-help is a diminishing return

Three Writers, Two Musicians, and One Doctor Respond to Questions Raised at the Black Representation in Gaming and Media Panel at GDC 2018 and Where the Conversation is Going Next

By Seth Singleton The present is always recovering from the past. When times are good it takes energy to sustain them. When times are bad it takes energy to change them. The best way to know how to sustain or how to change is asking questions. Why Questions? Questions reveal …

New Podcast – My World Cup Saturday: 4 Inspirational Games, 3 Stunning Wins, 2 Shocking Missed Penalty Kicks, and 1 Unexpected Draw all rolled into 10 Hours of Soccer Glory


World Cup Russia 2018 was in full swing starting at 3 a.m. Pacific Time here in California.

Podcast – This is why you shouldn’t count your chickens before they hatch = 5 stories of Expectation vs. Reality Russia 2018 World Cup

By Seth Singleton Expectation and Reality share a fabled history. Like two sides of a coin, each has landed on success and failure. The 2018 World Cup in Russia had many predictions about Ronaldo, Messi, Russia and more. These are a few moments when expectation met reality: When I overslept …

Do Curses have anything to do with the World Cup, Kevin Durant, the National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball or You?

By Seth Singleton Curses have been in the headlines of the 2018 Russia World Cup stories this year.¬†Germany suffered the World Cup Champions Curse when it was eliminated by Mexico. England broke it’s penalty kicks curse in an elimination game to advance to the quarterfinals. Curses are not just limited …

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