Immortal Heroes

Immortal heroes live in the pages of great stories. In comics, even superheroes die. However, they can live on forever in the imagination of readers. Consequently, it’s a moment when mortality becomes immortality. A Hero’s Origin To begin with, Zaadii Tso was a very young superhero. His first cape was from …

Podcast Transcript Dave Campbell, The Calling, And Why a Mission from God Does Not Always Look The Way You Think

Have you ever been on a Mission from God?

That’s the challenge that Dave Campbell asked his main character Silk in the comic book series The Calling.

I Guest Host on DCN Podcast #13: Where We Discuss the Armie Hammer/Batman Controversy, Batwoman Casting News, & Batman/TMNT 3

Guest Hosting

Doing something new can be scary.

It can also be exciting.

A Discussion About Spiritual Freedom And The Scope Of Time with Far I Shields & Green Team Comics

By Seth Singleton The story of your company, your brand, your vision is the story of you. The story of how you turned a dream into something real and tangible. Anyone can have a dream. Bringing your dream to life is the story of changing the world. Meet Far I …

Comicbook Superheroes, John McCain, Thor: Ragnarok, John Donne, and Standing to Face a Challenge

By Seth Singleton It started on a Saturday morning. I didn’t mean to watch the service for Senator John McCain, but when it came on I did not turn away. I didn’t even change the channel. When I listened to his daughter and President George W. Bush and then President …