Q&A with Filipino Boxer Mark Magsayo

Mark was kind enough to answer a few questions about the fight, what kind of break he will enjoy now that this fight is over, and what his plans are for the future.

Podcast Transcript Dave Campbell, The Calling, And Why a Mission from God Does Not Always Look The Way You Think

Have you ever been on a Mission from God?

That’s the challenge that Dave Campbell asked his main character Silk in the comic book series The Calling.

Dave Campbell Talks About Self-Publishing The Calling, Groovy U, And The Value Of A Public Commitment To Your Audience

By Seth Singleton The Value of a Great Conversation I know that I am having a good conversation with someone when I can share a genuine laugh. I don’t know how many times Dave Campbell and I laughed during our talk, but I do know that each time felt like …

A Discussion About Spiritual Freedom And The Scope Of Time with Far I Shields & Green Team Comics

By Seth Singleton The story of your company, your brand, your vision is the story of you. The story of how you turned a dream into something real and tangible. Anyone can have a dream. Bringing your dream to life is the story of changing the world. Meet Far I …

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