A Mission from God

Have you ever been on a Mission from God?

That’s the challenge that Dave Campbell asked his main character Silk in the comic book series The Calling.

End Of An Arrow

Arrow comes to an end The original post on Stephen Amell’s Twitter announcing the news was followed by an emotional video from the actor. Amell described the changes in his priorities now that he is a father. Based on the importance of Arrow to the CW’s Arrowverse and the DC …

A Podcast Family

The best thing about doing something over again is the chance to do it better.
Lucky for me DC Comics News has a weekly podcast.
A podcast family is a place to call home. The best thing about working with the amazing DC Comics News Podcast team on a weekly basis is the camaraderie. Podcasting takes practice and vulnerability. That’s where family comes in.

I Guest Host on DCN Podcast #13: Where We Discuss the Armie Hammer/Batman Controversy, Batwoman Casting News, & Batman/TMNT 3

Guest Hosting

Doing something new can be scary.

It can also be exciting.

How Do You Know? A Podcast Video Transcription

How Do You Know?

It’s not easy to talk about a subject like Self Acceptance.

That’s why it can help when you have a guide

I was lucky enough to meet Tara Massan.

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