Jerry and Tina

Our First Fifty Years If you want to know the story of Jerry and Tina Lowden. You have to start at the beginning, when Jerry Lowden was born at Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley. CA. He was raised in Oakland, and then moved to Walnut Creek in late 1963. Meanwhile, …

Sitting down with the DCN Podcast Family for episode #14: ‘Aquaman 2’ A Release Date, Will Smith Exits ‘The Suicide Squad’, & Constantine is Back

The best thing about doing something over again is the chance to do it better.
Lucky for me DC Comics News has a weekly podcast.
This time I was a guest on the DC Comics News Podcast, which meant I got to watch Master of Ceremonies Steve J Ray guide us through another week of headlines and news flashes.

A Story from Mike Grell about Green Arrow, The Longbow Hunters, and Frank Miller

By Seth Singleton Meeting Mike Grell I met Mike Grell at the Santa Rosa ToyCon in September. It was an unplanned trip and an unexpected meeting. When I turned a corner and saw him drawing an original Warlord commission I was starstruck. But the moment I stopped at his table to introduce …

New Podcast – My World Cup Saturday: 4 Inspirational Games, 3 Stunning Wins, 2 Shocking Missed Penalty Kicks, and 1 Unexpected Draw all rolled into 10 Hours of Soccer Glory


World Cup Russia 2018 was in full swing starting at 3 a.m. Pacific Time here in California.

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