The Difference Between Want, Need, and Value

Want. Need. Value. The difference between want, need, and value should be clear. However, like right and wrong these ideas are subject to our emotions, to our idols, and to our dreams. The most innocent influence our intentions. Value is how we determine our wants or needs. My father introduced …

Comicbook Superheroes, John McCain, Thor: Ragnarok, John Donne, and Standing to Face a Challenge

By Seth Singleton It started on a Saturday morning. I didn’t mean to watch the service for Senator John McCain, but when it came on I did not turn away. I didn’t even change the channel. When I listened to his daughter and President George W. Bush and then President …

Don’t Forget To Tie Your Tie

Editor’s Note — This is the first in a series about things that my father taught me and continues to teach me.
December 24 is his birthday and I thought this was an appropriate way to celebrate him.
Additional stories may include values observed in other fathers, popular stories about dads and more.

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