Comic Book Stories

Comic book stories were originally reprints of weekly comic strips. However, that all changed when publishers began creating original characters and adventures. At that moment, the legacy of comic book storytelling was born.

As a result, comic book stories are the basis for movie and game franchises, television shows, cartoons, and audiobooks. In short, they are a driving force that revived tired mediums and subsequently continue to introduce new franchises.

Comic Book Reviews

In particular, writing about comic book stories through reviews is a great experience. For the most part, there are important lessons about timelines, deadlines, and proofreading that will benefit any writer. In addition, skills like photo editing together with learning SEO are great tools to have.

Comic Book Podcasts

Furthermore, writing about comics and hosting two podcasts devoted entirely to comics is a gift to this writer. In particular, the DC Comics News Weekly Podcast is a chance to work with an amazing group of dedicated fans. In fact, it’s the ground floor for all the great conversations that go beyond covering news stories related to comics.


DC Comics News covers everything new in movies, television, streaming, and comic books. Incidentally, it even covers topics like conventions and toys. In particular, the podcast is the chance for writers like Kelly Gaines, Brad Filicky, and Steve J. Ray to chop it all down.

Spinner Rack on DC Comics News


In short, the DC Comics News Spinner Rack is a weekly show that was offered by DCN Editor-in-Chief Josh Raynor. For the most part, hosting an original program like the Spinner Rack is an honor. Conversely, the greatest challenge is picking the top 5 books from DC Comics each week. Compared to telling listeners about the reasons behind each issue, picking the books is the easy part.

As an example, listen to a recent episode on the player below or by clicking here.

Spinner Rack Previous Episodes

Comic Books on Storytelling With Seth

As a rule, comic book stories are a recurring feature on the Storytelling with Seth podcast. To begin with, comics predate the written word. In this case, according to Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics, “sequential art” first appeared on cave walls. The evolution of this medium is something he describes in the panel below.

Secondly, comic writers and artists stretch the boundaries of imagination. Likewise, they expand the concept of storytelling through the boundaries and rules of the medium. In brief, Storytelling with Seth is a conversation with the writers, artists, and creators who bring comic book stories to life.

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