Content Writing Portfolio

Content Writing Portfolio

My content writing portfolio includes strategy, blogging, white papers, scriptwriting, and content management.


Articles like this one are a joy to write. Sharing positive stories about people in the community who are changing lives for the better is a gift to the reader. Not all freelance writing projects are as fun as this, but they are always a joy to celebrate.

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Script Writing

Scripts are a dialogue. One choice is to make the dialogue between two characters. Another option is to create a dialogue between the speaker and the audience. This usually depends on the content and the tone of your message.

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Content Strategy

Content strategy is the blueprint for reaching your marketing goals. Through planning and preparation, content will feel like the steps in a recipe. Organized ingredients are blended and the result is a treat for new and old clients.

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Profile Writing

Profile writing provides clients with a snapshot. Profiles can be written for people, places, and events. A good profile will feel like a trading card of treasured statistics and valuable insights.

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Web Content

Web content starts with landing pages but it can be so much more. Mission statements, workflows, and company profiles are how viewers connect with a brand. The best pages feature a creation of clear statements that represent belief and value.

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Blogging is the informal platform that connects with the personalities behind your customers. By offering substance-based posts that go deeper than the surface content on social media, readers will experience the stories that speak to both their wants and needs.

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Email Content



On Social Media




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