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The goal of content strategy is to create meaningful, cohesive, engaging, and sustainable content.

Content Strategy

Content strategy does not need a complex structure. The best approaches consider the overarching mission of the project, company, or brand.



Know Yourself needed a roadmap to plot its marketing future. It required a plan that did not depend on publisher Oni/Lionforge.

I designed a marketing strategy that included images and messaging. A six-month plan for three campaigns, mapped channels, KPIs, and a budget.

First we evaluated the trajectory of one book in a five-part series. Then we mapped the story arc with one goal: teach coding.

Know Yourself needed a plan that could incorporate the publisher’s resources where possible.

Layering the campaign schedule with breaks for analysis was crucial.

Seth Singleton believes in a common thread that connects us all. In the end, everyone has a story to tell.  

Tell yours with a Storyteller.

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