Content Writing Articles

Content Writing Articles

In content writing, articles invite the reader to engage with content. Local features offer insights into their community. The result is stories that share the hopes, dreams, and history that connect us all.

News Articles

Good News Network

Articles for Good News Network are a joy to write. Sharing positive stories about people in the community who are changing lives for the better is a gift to the reader. Not all freelance writing projects are as fun as this, but they are always a joy to celebrate.

The Red Eye Media Group

On This Earth Superman Is Called Calvin Ellis

Undiscovered Country’s Protector

The Superman Voice

Tracy Press


My first foray into content writing was my job as a reporter. I worked in sports as a reporter for the Tracy Press. I wrote columns like the one above and features like the one below. Journalism showed me why format and style were critical to publishing great stories.


Patterson Irrigator


The Patterson Irrigator is a branch of the Tracy Press based in Patterson, Ca. When I was the Sports Editor each section of the paper was helmed by one person. In each case, the editor for news, entertainment, and sports was also the sole writer and oftentimes the photographer.

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