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Profile Writing for Donors

Donor profiles are created with data analysis. As a result comprehensive insights are gleaned. First by analyzing public records, giving history, donation patterns, and internet resources. Finally the writer crafts a summary, an objective, and a proposal.

San Francisco Zen Center

This project succeeded by using updated Salesforce records. Thereby allowing us to sort and identify giving patterns from donors. The strategy unlocked the data needed to build comprehensive profiles.

This endeavor supported the renovation campaign for the City Center. Designed by Julia Morgan and built in 1920. A successful engagement would ensure its viability into the next century.

The greatest challenge occurred when attention was diverted by temporary opportunities. The time spent researching these outliers yielded few actionable results.

This venture benefitted from constant analysis. To begin with the initial practices used to gather data. Revising the parameters for searches according to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) unearthed new prospects. Together with focused research that yielded better opportunities and greater returns.

Profile Writing = Snapshot

Profile writing creates the snapshot for a person, group or philosophy. Donor profiles invite the reader to see the data like a baseball or collector card. The summary gives the numbers meaning.

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