By Seth Singleton

The Blacks in Gaming Panel at GDC raised important questions about diversity and representation.

I sit down with Fen Smith, a writer for the upcoming game Planet Rise from Blue Alchemy Studio.
Together we discuss hardware bias, Black Panther, and the ideal diverse character.

Topics Include:

  • Why are there so few diverse characters in gaming and other media?
  • How importing bias can directly impact hardware.
  • Should the decision to have three lead black characters in a game be an issue?
  • What it’s like working on a game with a black main character.—A-Conversation-with-Planet-Rise-writer-Fen-Smith-e1buh6

About Fen Smith:

Fen Smyth is a Writer, Game Designer, and Musician from the Bay Area. When not doing any of the aforementioned, he can often be found embarking on zany adventures or playing whimsical instrumental music deep in the forest. His musical work can be found at

You can read his blog posts for Planet Rise here.



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