End of an – Arrow Announces the 8th & Final Season of the Emerald Archer, Where Did Superman Hide His Clothes?, Do Video Games Encourage Choices, Early Captain Marvel News & more on Weekly Wrap 3/6/19

Arrow will come to an end with a limited ten-episode 8th season that will bring the show to a close next Fall.

The original post on Stephen Amell’s Twitter announcing the news was followed by an emotional video from Amell.

I guarantee the DCN Podcast will be talking about this on Saturday. 

End of Amell on Arrow

I love this article about Superman hiding his clothes.

And then there is this fun article on video games and if they encourage people to make good or bad choices.

I’m almost finished editing my conversation with Tara Massan and will be posting it soon.

You can listen to On a Road to Self Acceptance with Tara Massan, Where to Find the Courage to Challenge Your Beliefs by Asking what Serves You, and 4 Types of Nonsense You Can Avoid to Cultivate Awareness About the Dangers of Self Help.

Some mixed early reviews about Captain Marvel are breaking online hours before the Thursday night premiere.

Will this impact your movie plans?

Apex just hit 50 million users 

Does this mean it can catch Fortnite? Or is it just a great sprint from a new title?

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