End Of An Arrow

Arrow comes to an end

The original post on Stephen Amell’s Twitter announcing the news was followed by an emotional video from the actor. Amell described the changes in his priorities now that he is a father.

Based on the importance of Arrow to the CW’s Arrowverse and the DC Comics heroes that followed the DCN Podcast will be talking about this on Saturday. 

End of Amell on Arrow

Superman hides his clothes

Superman has a reputation for changing his clothes in public places. One of the most popular portrayals involves a telephone booth. Superman The Movie introduced the idea that this is not always possible.

Do video games encourage people to make good or bad choices?

Video games are full of choices. Do the choices make the player or does the game play a role in choosing right over wrong?

Conversation with Tara Massan coming soon.

You can now listen to three episodes featuring Tara Massan.

On a Road to Self Acceptance with Tara Massan,

Where to Find the Courage to Challenge Your Beliefs by Asking what Serves You,

4 Types of Nonsense You Can Avoid to Cultivate Awareness About the Dangers of Self Help.

Captain Marvel mixed reviews

Will negative reviews impact your movie plans? Captain Marvel is a big release leading up to Avengers: Endgame. Ticket sales may be influenced by some early detractors.

Apex just hit 50 million users 

Apex is an emerging contender in the gaming industry. Does this mean it can catch Fortnite? 

Or do recent sales figures suggest that it is just a great sprint from a new title?

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