How Fallback Friday, Michael Phelps, and the Talk Therapy App turned into a Podcast about Defining and Describing Toxic Masculinity

It doesn’t usually happen like this, but sometimes it does

By Seth Singleton

It All Started With Two Words

I recorded this after I heard a news segment on MSNBC that addressed the topic of toxic masculinity and the announcement that Olympic gold-medalist Michael Phelps was promoting an app called TalkSpace that allowed him to discuss his struggles with mental health.

I believe that men should talk

I struggled with speaking openly and recognizing when I was in a safe space where I would not be judged. I did not realize that there was a connection to toxic masculinity.

Guys that I knew growing up harrassed boys and men who were honest about their feelings or publicly demonstrated actions that they characterized as weakness. I didn’t know that it was called toxic masculinity, and I wanted to learn more before I recorded my thoughts.

I read:
1. What We Mean When We Say, “Toxic Masculinity” By Colleen Clemens

2. The ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Smear By Ben Shapiro

3. Urban Dictionary By User Submission

4. Is Toxic Masculinity a Valid Concept? By Gad Saad

5. The Most Toxic Patriarchs in Literature By Rebecca Frumkin

The More You Know

I hoped that this would provide me with enough viewpoints to begin talking about toxic masculinity. I’m thankful that time and the input of others will continue to inform me so that I can share it with you.

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