Immortal Heroes

Immortal heroes live in the pages of great stories. In comics, even superheroes die. However, they can live on forever in the imagination of readers. Consequently, it’s a moment when mortality becomes immortality.

A Hero’s Origin

To begin with, Zaadii Tso was a very young superhero. His first cape was from his sister’s Elsa costume and the Disney movie Frozen. By the time he was three, it was replaced by a Batman outfit replete with a cape. As a rule, the moment Zaadii put on his costume his persona transformed. Zaadii became The Dark Knight.

Sadly, Zaadii was tragically killed by a distracted driver. However, that is not where his story ends. Instead, it became part of a collection.

Immortal Heroes-Zaadii-The-Legend-Of-Z-Hawk

Immortal Z-Hawk

As a result, Zaadii became the inspiration for the Legend of Z-Hawk. Now he’s immortalized in the comic published by Travelers Insurance. Legendary comic book creators joined to tell his story.

Comic book great Gail Simone authored the script. Then, pages 1-3 were drawn by Mark Dos Santos. In the end, the rest of the art fell on the shoulders of J. Calafiore. In addition, Jason Wright provided the colors, Dave Sharpe the letters, and the back cover was the brainchild of Jeffery Veregge.

Likewise, the 56 pages of comic book goodness are part of the Unfinished Stories collection by Travelers Insurance. There is also a video about the making of the book.

Immortal Stories

Next, came a presentation at New York Comic-Con. Zaadii’s story was shared with a wider audience. Above all, distracted driving is a tragedy that takes lives indiscriminately.

Subsequently, the Zaadii Foundation is committed to sharing the message of driver safety. Namely, that October is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

Immortal heroes thrive when their story of courage is shared. Likewise, those stories can teach, they can remind, and they can inspire. Particularly, the story of Zaadii will live on. In this case, it is thanks to the talent and passion of writers, artists, and storytellers who make them eternal.

To read and download a copy of Zaadii, The Legend of Z-Hawk click this link.

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