Jack Katz Podcast Transcription

Jack Katz Podcast Part 2

This Jack Katz podcast transcription offers insights from The Jack Katz Podcast Conversation Part 2. When Jack left off, a time traveler had arrived from the future. But he learned that he was not far enough in the past. Here, computers had taken over. Things sounded grim. 

Jack’s Replication Theory

A recurring theme in The First Kingdom is the rise and fall of civilizations. The events that eventually bring about their destruction are familiar. A desire for immortality is among the motivations often driving creators and innovators. 

One solution is a memory serum. The serum retains the entire scope of a culture’s knowledge. The serum can be used to share this knowledge with the replicants called Humanoids. The Humanoids were made by a man who had a near-death experience as a child and wanted to stave off death for everyone. At one point, he takes the memory serum to prevent his own inevitable death. 

The Fiction We Know is Replicated  

Tarzan is not an original story. According to Jack, there are no original stories. Jack in the Jungle and Jack the Lion Tamer were both written by PT Barnum and are the basis for the Tarzan stories written by Edgar Rice Burroughs. 

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It’s Easy

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Background on Jack Katz

Jack has spent his whole life dedicated to drawing, writing and getting his thoughts out to the universe. His working life as an artist has spanned a number of waves of comic book development and his paintings reach down into the present from their original roots back in the early years of 20th century American illustration and art. His most enduring accomplishment has been the production of the original 24-issue graphic novel known as “The First Kingdom”. 

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