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In the first place, a Ja’Quintin Means interview is an honest conversation. Likewise, the topic of his new novel Willie is fertile ground for an open dialogue about the story. In this case, what follows is so much more. It all started with an introduction and the first question.

Author Interview with Ja’Quintin Means Episode #80 First Aired on Storytelling With Seth https://anchor.fm/seth-the-storytelle…​Willie is a

To begin with, Willie is a story that begins with forces determined to divide and conquer. Accordingly, Means explores the systems of control working behind the scenes. In this case, the goal is to pit individuals and groups against each other. Means subsequently exposes the tools of oppression at work. In addition to the manipulations that allowed inequality to persist and thrive are the institutions that codified them.

In the end, Willie is a redemption story. However, it is also a reminder of the reasons that hope exists in the most trying times.

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About Ja’Quintin

To begin with, Ja’Quintin Means is a published author, researcher, brewer, and lecturer.

In particular, his research, lectures, and writings unlock the esoteric. Subsequently, it is the hidden realm of secret societies, symbolism, esoteric alchemy, modern magic, and history that are his focus.

Furthermore, he is on a path of self-discovery to unlock the secrets of the universe.


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