By Blue Alchemy Studios

The Project

Blue Alchemy’s primary goal is the release of its game Planet Rise 2018.

Working with freelance graphics and website design, I helped this digital turn-based strategy card game communicate core expectations for its audience.

Using the format of single card description, Planet Rise was introduced.


The Language:

Old feuds and new ambitions have forced once strong alliances to splinter. When its starseed is stolen in a sudden assault, the planet Viridisia finds its ecosystem thrown into chaos. With war a breath away and the Water Planet Union crumbling, a dangerous truth comes to light.

Join Nia Kasai of the Viridis Knights, as she sets out to retrieve the seed and restore balance to the galaxy. Embark on an epic journey with unlikely allies and fearsome foes, as you uncover ancient secrets and create your own legacy.

Blue-Alchemy-Planet-Rise-promotional-text-end-tagline-Into-the-stars-they went, in search of truth, glory and redemption

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