Salt Air Salon

Salt Air Salon

Meet Tracy Salt Air Salon Content

The Project

Tell the story of Tracy’s journey from her time as an assistant at Di Pietro Todd and leading to the decision to open her own salon.

She’s a color specialist who has a full index of clients.

No time, for pink and green hair, she wants to bring the bright colors that are usually produced by natural light, salt water, and sunshine.


The Copy:

Identifies her specialty: Balayage.

Includes a definition and origin. Ends with an expectation and real-world association.

Explains the why and how of her color process.

Professional and personal attributes = inspiration that shapes her goals and expectations.

A surfer girl who travels the world to bring inspired color to her clients.

About the Storyteller

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Seth Singleton believes in a common thread that connects us all. In the end, everyone has a story to tell.  

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