Networking Outside a Boxing Ring

Networking outside a boxing ring is uncommon. But, do you ever get the feeling that you are in the right place, the right line for the first thing that caught your eye? Whether you believe it is a matter of perception.

“Life’s greatest comfort is being able to look over your shoulder and see people worse off, waiting in line behind you.”

Chuck Palahniuk, Rant


Outside The Ring

I stood in line for the virtual reality demonstration of Creed: Rise To Glory at the 2018 Game Developers Conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Boxing is a passion of mine. I like writing about it. Similarly, I like to play boxing games.

Opposite me were the ring and a man wearing VR goggles and boxing gloves. Together with seven others who were also in line, we watched the action on the canvas. Then we compared it with the screen image that showed the player’s video feed.

I was attending GDC for the first time. The video game I worked on was trying to build its presence. However, I wasn’t going to ignore an opportunity to witness the newest gaming innovations.


So, why did I decide to network outside a boxing ring? Simple. The line wasn’t moving. I seized the moment.

First I pulled out a few business cards and said hello. The two people behind me were looking for work. One was visiting from Florida. Meanwhile, her friend was local.

Line Change

Then I got the bad news that I was in the wrong line. Consequently everyone in my line moved to the back of a new line. I started my next conversation and logged my fifth episode for Storytelling with Seth.

Why Networking Matters

Meeting my two contacts was important for many reasons. To begin with it got me comfortable talking to strangers. That can be a challenge on any day. However, when you take the initiative it can make a difference for you and others.

Next was the chance to share our common interests. In this case, we talked about games and our GDC experiences. My new friends were looking for new career opportunities. We were all amazed by the sights and sounds.

After we found each other on social media platforms we started following in real life. We reviewed each other’s portfolios and offered feedback. Then we made plans to have our teams meet at different events.

It was one of the best lines I have ever stood in. Suddenly we were friends. We each knew someone at GDC which made the world around us feel smaller. We were contacts and colleagues.

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