Storytelling is the foundation of my portfolio. In short, every project is an opportunity. Many are created to share an original story for a client or platform. In addition to the experience, a project brings is the type of story being told.

100 Types Of Stories

Comic Scripts

Scripts are a framework for comics, video, and audio. In particular, audio scripts use the listener’s imagination to fill in the blanks. Meanwhile, video scripts direct the story in front of a camera. By comparison, comic scripts combine narrative, dialogue, and visual direction to illustrate a story.



News articles inform and educate. Editorials provide context. Reviews offer media analysis.

Audio and Video

Scriptwriting is important. As a rule, video and voice-over scripts set the tone. Above all, a script sets the tone for a recording. Audio and video content are valuable. Together both styles communicate important messages.

Content Strategy

Content strategy is a roadmap for success. In short, blogs, websites, and comics need a plan. Strategy documents create timelines and goals.


Profiles introduce a brand, a company, or a goal. They identify the needs of clients and customers. Profiles engage the connections that visitors, customers, and clients make with personal stories that give the experience authenticity.

Web Content

Above all web content covers more than landing pages, bios, and a website’s purpose. In short every page is a gateway to answers. a glossary of products, services, or experiences.


In the first place, blogging invites readers to digest content informally. A blog’s conversational tone offers readers a personal connection. Blogging offers readers, customers, and followers to connect with a brand’s values.


Emails should feel like correspondence. Subsequently, emails from a company or brand offer readers the chance to catch up. They should sound like a letter from an old friend. In addition to containing important updates and highlighting the regular services offered, emails provide direct access to information.


To begin with, lists are a popular way to consume reference material. Unlike articles, lists or listicles, are themed. For the most part, they are dense and informative. As a rule, most lists can be read in five minutes.


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