Pre-Fight Interview with “Magnifico” Magsayo

In a pre-fight interview with Mark “Magnifico” Magsayo I learned that patience and preparation determine victory in the ring. Magsayo fights Pungluang Sor Singyu on August 31 in Bohol, Philippines.

Hometown Hero

Magsayo’s hometown support is led by Tagbilaran City mayor Baba Yap. The fight is set for 2 p.m. in the Bohol Wisdom School Gym. It’s the first of three fights scheduled in Bohol’s capital city.


Magnifico’s Opponent

Singyu (52-4-0) is a Thailand native with a reputation for defeating Filipino boxers. In 2012 he defeated AJ Banal for the World Boxing Organization (WBO) Bantamweight championship. Incidentally, after failing to defend and then regaining the belt, Singyu surrendered the title to Filipino fighter Marion Tapales in 2016.

Mark’s 4th-Round KO over Erik Deztroyer in Singapore

By the Numbers

The tale of the tape reveals Magnifico (19-0-0) owns a one-inch height advantage over Singyu. Incidentally Magsayo is also 5 years younger than his opponent. But he is not, “taking that experience lightly” in a match that will be contested for International Boxing Federation (IBF) and World Boxing Commission (WBC) titles

Both pugilists have overcome long stretches of inactivity. Magnifico believes that this contributed to Singyu’s three losses in his last four bouts. Magsayo trained relentlessly under manager Vikram Sivapragasam of Vladimir Boxing Promotions during two years without a bout. His patience was rewarded with a fourth-round knockout against Erik Deztroyer.

The Vladimir Boxing Promotions Team

A full accounting of my conversation with Mark “Magnifico” is transcribed below.

Q&A Mark “Magnifico” Magsayo vs Sor Singyu

Q: You are ranked 8 in the WBC, but not ranked by the IBF. This fight will be contested for regional IBF and WBC titles. What does ranking with them mean for your career? 

Hopefully when I fight this August I will get back my rankings in WBC and IBF as well. 

You and Sor Singyu are coming off of wins in April. Do you take anything with you from your KO against Erik Deztroyer?

Yes. I learned that I need to be more patient with my opponent because first few rounds with Erik Deztroyer I was so excited to punch and get a KO.


Does it mean anything that Sor Singyu is older than you?

No. He is only a few years older, but he has a lot more experience than me actually and I am not taking that experience lightly. I prepared hard for this fight. I want to show the people a good fight and that I am deserve this fight. 

Singyu’s record is 53-6, but he has lost 3 of his last 4 fights. What do you know about those losses?

He stopped for 2 years — I think that’s why, which is also the same as my inactivity but that doesn’t mean he is weak. Like me, I didn’t fight for a while but I never stopped training. He also went back with a win over a Filipino recently. 

Marlon Tapales beat Sor Singyu in 2016.

Yes but he dropped Sor Singyu, Marlon is also a world class boxer.

Have you seen that fight?

Yes I did, it was a very exciting fight and I hope we can show the people and the fans an exciting match as well.

If you have, does it mean anything that Tapales was knocked down by two body shots before he stopped Sor Singyu?

Yes I will be very careful and I am prepared for Sor Singyu

What is it important to fight in Bohol?

Very important for me to fight back in Bohol to have my hometown on my back when I fight. They are very supportive of me and especially our Mayor Baba Yap who is paving the way for me to get back in activity.

My manager also Vikram Sivapragasam is the same. He did everything he can for me to fight again. I am very thankful of them and I want to give my best for all of them.

What has been the response from the community about the upcoming fight? 

The response is very positive everyone is so excited and even the media I am very thankful for their positive response.

Is it well known that this is the first of three fights that Mark will fight in the Philippines? 

I think they are not aware yet.

In the Corner
Photo Credit Frances Arbie

What is the biggest difference between training in Las Vegas and training in the PI?

Biggest difference is the sparring partners. The style of fighting of the boxers there and here. In Las Vegas their style is very smart boxing, defensive, while in the Philippines its brawl. That is why I picked up and learned a lot with my training in Las Vegas.

How long has Mark been training for this fight?

I have been training since last year I never stopped training even if I am inactive. I only rest on Sundays. But specifically for Panya I trained for 3 months.

What music do you listen to when you train? You can list more than one.

Hall of Fame – The Script and Daddy Yankee Music

Mark is working with sparring partners who fight like Sor Singyu. 

Yes my coaches picked sparring partners similar style to him and others as well so we are prepared to whatever he brings to the fight.

What’s it like to fight someone with Sor Singyu’s reputation?

I am very proud to be fighting with him he is well known for his skills and world class level. It is a great chance for me and I will not waste this opportunity.

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You can read Magsayo’s thoughts following his win over Deztroyer by clicking here.

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