Q&A with Filipino Boxer Mark Magsayo

By Seth Singleton

April 13 — Featherweight filipino boxer Mark Magnifico Magsayo scored a fourth-round knockout against Erick Deztroyer at The Ring Boxing Community in Singapore. 

The victory earned Magsayo (19-0) his 14th win by knockout. Indonesia’s Deztroyer (12-5-1, 3 KOs) was Magsayo’s first fight after a 17-month layoff.  

In an interview with The Ring, Magsayo described the struggle and support he experienced leading up to his fight with Deztroyer.

“A lot of things happened when I did not fight for a year,” Magsayo told The Ring. “I learned a lot of new things not only in training but in life, I learned how to cope with these changes and I am thankful to God that there are people who are really willing to help me. It was a very hard time for me but it’s good to see the people who will stick with me in hard times.


Sitting down with Filipino boxer Mark Magsayo

I was lucky enough to meet Mark and his wife Frances Arbie on a visit to the Philipines in 2018.

Mark was kind enough to answer a few questions about the fight, what kind of break he will enjoy now that this fight is over, and what his plans are for the future.

Q: How much time did you have to prepare for the fight?

A: I have been training for a year and a half. Since my last fight, I didn’t stop training.
But specifically for this opponent, I prepared for 8 weeks.

Q: What, if anything, changed about your Training Routine after the fight date was set?

A: After the fight date was set we focused on technique.

Q: What did you know about your opponent going into the fight?

A: I know that he is a tough opponent. He is a WBC Asia featherweight champion and I trained well for him.

Q: What skills did you work on so you could defend his attacks?

A: I was prepared for him to attack and brawl because that’s his style when I looked at his videos.

But after the first round, I observed he is always backing. So we changed the game plan.

In the Corner
Photo Credit Frances Arbie

Q: Who was your trainer for this fight?

A: Rissan Muelas from Elorde Gym is the head coach and Andrew Belonguel is the assistant coach also from Elorde gym.

Q: How much time had passed since your last fight to this one?

A: 17months

Q: Who won the first round?

A: I think I did.

Q: Did you know that you could get a knock out against him?

A: I never expected that KO because I know he is tough and I never underestimate him.

Q: Was there a moment in the fight where you felt you had control?

A: I felt I had control in the 3rd round because 1st and 2nd I got really excited to punch after not fighting so long and couldn’t get my timing right.

Mark Takes Control of the Fight

Q: Have you been approached yet for your next fight?

A: My manager is on it.

Q: What is the one food that you gave up for training that you can finally eat now?

A: White rice

Q: How much time will you have to relax before it is time to go back to training?

A: 1 to 2 weeks I go back to light training.

Q: Is it your goal to fight again this year?

A: Yes it is.

Q: How soon would you like to be back in the ring?

A: Asap

Mark makes his move against Deztroyer

Q: Describe the knockout round and combination the way you remember it happening.

A: He always protected his head and it is tough too.

His defense is really good so I thought to fake him on his face and give a really quick body shot.

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