Storytelling is the foundation of writing.

I have been writing professionally for 23 years.

“A story is a description, either true or imagined, of a connected series of events” The Cambridge English Dictionary.

The journey of turning a vision into a living breathing business is shaped by your values.

Your language should reflect those beliefs.

Your narrative invites partners, clients, patients, and visitors to relate to your brand.

Don’t trust it to just anyone.

Your company’s achievements allow readers to believe in their own success.

I can pull together the history and data that are at the foundation of your company to weave a story of promise and possibility.

I will take the voices that built your company and blend them into a chorus.

If you are ready to tell your story click here.

This is a list of content I have experience writing:

  • Brand Storytelling: Every successful company’s story of turning an idea into a living business is an accomplishment that deserves to be told. When it is written down, your story becomes a document that can be used for marketing, branding and more. And it is an opportunity for customers to identify with your brand. To learn more click here.   
  • Blogging: is an excellent way to increase visitor contact to your website and connect your target audience with your brand. If you already have a blog I can compose posts on a regular schedule. These posts are tailored to match the tone and direction and on a wide range of topics to suit the style and voice of your site. If your site does not have a blog I can create one that tells your story.
  • General information pieces: are thoughtfully crafted and researched. Educate visitors to your site about current and upcoming products using industry-related content that informs with each click.
  • Web Copy and Content: From your Landing Page to your Biography Page, even Biography Snapshots are an opportunity to share your story. Learn more here
    • Landing page content portfolio 
    • Promotional and Event Content materials

If your project doesn’t fit into any of the categories above let’s talk about it together.

I am comfortable negotiating short-term, long-term and retainer contracts.

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