Sitting down with the DCN Podcast Family for episode #14: ‘Aquaman 2’ A Release Date, Will Smith Exits ‘The Suicide Squad’, & Constantine is Back

By Seth Singleton

Practice, Practice, & More Practice

The best thing about doing something over again is the chance to do it better.

Lucky for me DC Comics News has a weekly podcast.

This time I was a guest on the DC Comics News Podcast, which meant I got to watch Master of Ceremonies Steve J Ray guide us through another week of headlines and news flashes.

Hear for yourself

Welcome Back

“Welcome back to the DC Comics News Podcast! On this week’s episode, Steve J Ray hosts as he chats with Brad Filicky, Joseph Marcas, and Seth Singleton about all the happenings in the world of DC.”

Local Comic Book fans rush into Cape and Cowl Comics in Oakland after listening to the DC Comics News Podcast

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