Spinner Rack Spotlight: The Green Lantern #6

The Top 5 Books from DC Comics

By Seth Singleton

Spinner Rack #3

The Spinner Rack has returned, and your host, Seth Singleton is back to spotlight his top 5 DC Comics for the week of April 3rd.



The Green Lantern #6 

By Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp 

Hal Jordan vs. Adam Strange to the death!

To begin with, Hal Jordan has infiltrated the BlackStars. As a result of completing a series of loyalty challenges, Jordan is rewarded with a trip to Rann and is brought to a chained Adam Strange he pretends not to know.

Hal must kill Adam to complete his initiation. However, the former Green Lantern wants a fair fight. 

Some beautiful moments

In contradiction to the violent duel above, there is a timeless shot on page 4 that feels like something out of a Silver Age comic. Controller Mu, Rann’s Science-Minister Sardath, and Alanna Adam’s wife stand before a beautiful crescent-moon-shaped window.

Three suns glow in the distance. Orange light illuminates the window frame.

Image Courtesy of DC Comics

To begin with, Mu argues that his offer is painless. It is a benevolent assumption of control over Rann. Furthermore, he demonstrates this by threatening first sun-eaters. Alanna is not deterred and answers that she cannot be intimidated.

The ship arrives so they may all witness the duel between Strange and Jordan. Meanwhile, Adam is trying desperately to get a response from Hal, who only says, “Shh.”

Rann’s defender is still trying to reason with Hal when both men fire their weapons. Subsequently, Jordan is a grazed on his neck, and Adam Strange is struck in the torso. Strange collapses over the span of four panels on page 8.

For the most part, it should come as no surprise that Alanna is angry. In this case, for all of Hal’s stoic appearance, there is a panel on page 9 where he appears to give a nod or wink. 

In the end, Hal is a good cop. He could never go bad. Which is why this story has a twist.

At this moment, the story arc of Hal working undercover to stop the Blackstars grand plan is revealed. Mu and his cohorts are collecting five components to assemble the Ultimate Asset. Hal’s green lantern ring is component number four.

How does Hal get himself out of this one?

 I can’t give it all away here. But I will tell you that the end is only the beginning of the next adventure.

Deep in space a green lantern ring is floats. Hal is walking across a green misty world. He does not know where he is or what direction he should seek.

A little old man tells him to find the place called Emerald Sands. When he gets there Hal needs to say that “Myrwhidden” sent him.

The name reminds me of Myrddin, which is a Celtic name for Merlin, and that makes me think that there is some magic coming our way next issue. 

Spinner Rack Bonus Feature

Justice League #21

Cover Image Courtesy of DC Comics

Writer: Scott Snyder 

Superman finally gets a chance to fight the white-haired trickster-Superman from the future. This is the same guy who conned the Justice League into coming to the 6th Dimension.

Now, the man of steel is trapped in a dark dimension. The distant sun barely keeps him alive. Which means he can’t escape.

In addition to making it easy for the white-haired guy to kick Superman’s butt.

Hear all the details on the embedded podcast at the top of this post.

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Stories are the common thread that connects us all because everyone has a story to tell. 

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