Storytelling With Seth Episodes 2020

Welcome to the Storytelling with Seth Episodes of 2020. A time capsule in a podcast.

Stories were created to inspire, educate, and entertain. Behind every story is a creator with a vision. This was a year of dreaming.

Listen to conversations about craft, character, and the elements of storytelling that feed our imagination. Discover stories that reveal truths, questions, and insights. The Storytelling with Seth episodes from 2020 is a snapshot. The year that is marred by the CODVID-19 pandemic featured stories about dreams persisting and storytellers still striving.

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Storytelling with Seth Episodes 2020

Scripted-Audio-Interview-with-Jack-Bowman—Episode 81-Storytelling-With-Seth-Episodes-2020

Scripted Audio Interview with Jack Bowman — Episode 81

  • Jack is an experienced, multi-award-winning Audio Fiction Writer, Director, and Producer with sixteen years of experience across the disciplines of Audio Drama/Podcast Production. He also has extensive experience of theatre direction and venue management as well.
  • Currently based in Elstree, Herts, Jack works as a Freelance Audio Creative across the UK and develops projects for both the UK and the USA. He has a keen interest in genre-based audio drama and digital podcast story-telling, specifically Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy, and Horror. 
  • Currently, he assists a variety of production companies, including Datura Films (LA), Spiteful Puppet (UK), and several other clients globally.
  • 2020 will also see Jack oversee the UK production block of Ultimate Solution for Dagaz Media LLC, and develop new audio IP titles and several adaptations.
  • He lives with his partner and two children near Elstree Studios, feeling the spirit of John Steed, Luke Skywalker, Indiana Jones, and Alfred Hitchcock every day he walks the streets.

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Author Interview With Ja’Quintin Means Episode #80

  • Ja’Quintin Means is a published author, researcher, brewer, and lecturer. 
  • His research, lectures, and writings are in the realm of secret societies, symbolism, esoteric alchemy, modern magic, and history. 
  • He is on a path of self-discovery to unlock the secrets of the universe.

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Artist Interview with Thanos – Dreamlands Lives and Epics – Episode #79

Dreamlands: Lives and Epics is not what it sounds like. There is another world for you to discover, a world with magic, Elves, Dragons, Dwarves and Giants. It is a world with many things to write about.

A world that has ended…

As the last survivor of a magic-polluting catastrophe, Pernathoris, an archivist and wizard, spends his life doing just this: he collects everything in his book, the Ars Minastorum. He writes the stories of the dead and makes notes about the end. However, when every story comes together for the first time, a miracle commences…

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Author Interview with Megan O’Russell – Episode #78

Allyship, Z-Hawk, and No Moore Watchmen – Episode #77

Comics Artist Interview: Justin Greenwood with Tony Farina of Indie Comics Spotlight Part 2 on Episode 76

Master Talk with Brenden — Episode #75

The Superman Voice, Calvin Ellis, Wall of Moms, and NASA’s Lessons Learned on Episode #74

The Epics of Enkidu – with Ahmed Alameen – Episode #73

The Road to Delano with John DeSimone — Episode #72

Kindling Your True Power with Sam Dossa — Episode #71

Thrive, Connect, and Contribute with Tony Loyd — Episode #70

Reconnecting with Dr. Sarah Webb during Social Distancing — Episode #69

This is a Language of Fists — Episode #68

Christina DuVarney and the Story of Beautiful Disaster — Episode #67

Writer Danny Fingeroth and Will Eisner Week — Episode #66

2019 Highlights / 2020 High Hopes with Bill Protzmann, Marc Guggenheim, and Kami Garcia— Episode #65

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