A Podcast Prediction and an Interview Preview

Predicting the Future

A podcast prediction is similar to a horse bet. Eventually only time will tell if it will come true. Similarly it gets even more interesting depending on how much skin you have invested in the outcome. But a podcast prediction and an interview preview can mean more than just a risky bet. It can be a glimpse into the possibility that all futures want to promise.

Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer is here 

Stranger Things has been a cultural phenomenon since its appearance on Netflix in 2016. That summer the world remembered the power a team of friends on bikes could harness. Mike, Lucas, Dustin, and Will embodied the spirit of E.T. and Goonies.

Together they welcomed new friend Eleven into their circle, and with her help rescued Will from The Veil of Shadows. They even overcame schoolyard bullies, government scientists, and the evil Mindflayer of The Upside Down.

The secret to their strength? Friendship of course.

Furthermore season 2 introduced new characters like Max and her brother Billy. However it also revealed the the depths of scheming that the Mindflayer is capable of attempting.

Consequently, in Season 3 the stakes are higher. It’s impossible to predict whether this third installment will match the success of the past, but the response to this trailer has certainly been promising.


Hosting the DC Comics News Spinner Rack Podcast 

I am such a nerd that hosting the DC Comics Spinner Rack is like a dream come true. It’s a rare thing to feel like people value your opinion. When DC Comics News Editor Joshua Raynor offered me the chance I immediately said yes.

Listen to the Spinner Rack on the DC Comics News Podcast Network

Then I considered the opportunity. Compared to Kevin Smith I’m a nobody. Conversely I can’t choose my top five books among the titles published each and every week by DC Comics based on whether others will agree or disagree with me. My choices must be based on the things that I believe make comics the birthplace for stories.

A Podcast Prediction Comes True

The DC Comics News Podcast team makes a prediction that comes true. Does it have something to do with Black Adam?

There’s really only one way to find out. Hear the prediction here.

Preview of My Interview with Wine Reviewer Steve Heimoff

Steve Heimoff made a discovery when he moved to California. One bottle of wine contains a mystery steeped in history. A discovery that changed the direction of Steve’s life and his career.

Hear the whole interview on an upcoming episode of Storytelling with Seth.

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