New Podcast – My World Cup Saturday: 4 Inspirational Games, 3 Stunning Wins, 2 Shocking Missed Penalty Kicks, and 1 Unexpected Draw all rolled into 10 Hours of Soccer Glory


World Cup Russia 2018 was in full swing starting at 3 a.m. Pacific Time here in California.

Dinner at Trattoria La Casalinga and Conversation with a German couple about Donald Trump, Americans, and California

By Seth Singleton

This is a series of posts following my wife and me on a tour of Italy.

Day 3 continues in Florence, Italy. 

Day 3

Jet Lag

Debunking Character Myths with Colorism Healing

Myths are like characters. When we invest in them they become stronger. Likewise, debunking character myths can break down false perceptions. As a result, an unfounded idea cannot subsist. To begin with the “Debunking Myths around Black Representation” panel at the Game Developers Conference in 2018 brought a wide range …

Debunking Representation Myths with Fen Smith

Why are there so few diverse characters in gaming and other media?
How importing bias can directly impact hardware. 
Should the decision to have three lead black characters in a game be an issue?
What it’s like working on a game with a black main character.

Video Game Love Stories

Do you like love stories? How about video game love stories? We are in the middle of a love story. I will explain who we are, once the where and why have been addressed. What do you do when you find yourself in the middle of a love story? Get …

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