Immortal Heroes

Immortal heroes live in the pages of great stories. In comics, even superheroes die. However, they can live on forever in the imagination of readers. Consequently, it’s a moment when mortality becomes immortality. A Hero’s Origin To begin with, Zaadii Tso was a very young superhero. His first cape was from …

Spinner Rack Spotlight: The Green Lantern #6

The Top 5 Books from DC Comics By Seth Singleton Spinner Rack #3 The Spinner Rack has returned, and your host, Seth Singleton is back to spotlight his top 5 DC Comics for the week of April 3rd. Spotlight The Green Lantern #6  By Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp  Hal Jordan …

I Guest Host on DCN Podcast #13: Where We Discuss the Armie Hammer/Batman Controversy, Batwoman Casting News, & Batman/TMNT 3

Guest Hosting

Doing something new can be scary.

It can also be exciting.

Jack Katz Creativity – Appearance Sunday, February 10, 2019 East Bay Comic Con

By Seth Singleton Why Creativity Matters On Sunday, February 10 I’ll be meeting with Jack Katz at the East Bay Comic Con in Concord. Jack is the creator of The First Kingdom and is currently drawing Beyond the Beyond. I had the chance to speak with Jack about his work …

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