Spinner Rack Spotlight: The Green Lantern #6

The Top 5 Books from DC Comics By Seth Singleton Spinner Rack #3 The Spinner Rack has returned, and your host, Seth Singleton is back to spotlight his top 5 DC Comics for the week of April 3rd. Spotlight The Green Lantern #6  By Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp  Hal Jordan …

Shazam, A Skywalker Trailer, and Black Holes

Shazam! The Movie The heart of Shazam’s story is one that we can all relate to as children and adults who remember being children or might not have grown up at all. The heartbeat? It’s hard to do the right thing. Which means it’s hard for superheroes and the rest …

The Spinner Rack: First Episode

It’s here! It’s finally here!

Ok, maybe finally is a strong word.
But, if you’ve been waiting for a weekly podcast from DC Comics News that boldly picks the top five books you should be reading each and every week, then the wait is indeed over.

A Podcast Prediction and an Interview Preview

Predicting the Future A podcast prediction is similar to a horse bet. Eventually only time will tell if it will come true. Similarly it gets even more interesting depending on how much skin you have invested in the outcome. But a podcast prediction and an interview preview can mean more …

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