Retired Wine Writer Steve Heimoff

Retired wine writer Steve Heimoff wrote for Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast. However, the direction of his blog and his writing changed as he grew. Listen to our conversation and hear the story of a writer who married his two loves into an amazing career. Discovering Wine Our story begins …

Where to Find the Courage to Challenge Your Beliefs by Asking what Serves You – On a Road to Self Acceptance with Tara Massan

As we get older our life experience compounds and beliefs will be challenged.
It takes courage to change your beliefs
We all have permission to change our minds anytime we want. We are often afraid to admit our mind has changed. 

A Discussion About Spiritual Freedom And The Scope Of Time with Far I Shields & Green Team Comics

By Seth Singleton The story of your company, your brand, your vision is the story of you. The story of how you turned a dream into something real and tangible. Anyone can have a dream. Bringing your dream to life is the story of changing the world. Meet Far I …

How Eating Breakfast and Watching the World Cup at the Athletic Club in Oakland Turned into a Discussion about Community and Responsibility on Hawaii and North America

By Seth Singleton The story of a community is revealed when it responds to change. Communities claim many things, and the people within them proclaim even more. The decisions that are made when times are bad are a reflection of the possibilities that might be realized when they improve. The …

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