Video Tutorial: How to leave me feedback about podcasts using the voice message feature on Anchor

By Seth Singleton Do you ever wish you could tell someone on television that they were doing it wrong? It’s not that you are mean or that you are trying to hurt them, but you see something that they don’t or can’t. What about radio? Do you ever hear something …

New Podcast – My World Cup Saturday: 4 Inspirational Games, 3 Stunning Wins, 2 Shocking Missed Penalty Kicks, and 1 Unexpected Draw all rolled into 10 Hours of Soccer Glory


World Cup Russia 2018 was in full swing starting at 3 a.m. Pacific Time here in California.

Podcast – This is why you shouldn’t count your chickens before they hatch = 5 stories of Expectation vs. Reality Russia 2018 World Cup

By Seth Singleton Expectation and Reality share a fabled history. Like two sides of a coin, each has landed on success and failure. The 2018 World Cup in Russia had many predictions about Ronaldo, Messi, Russia and more. These are a few moments when expectation met reality: When I overslept …

Top 5 Reasons I Recorded “Do Superheroes Ever Have This Problem?” on my Anchor Podcast and Why I Plan to Record Them All

By Seth Singleton Storytelling was originally an auditory experience The first stories were spoken aloud. They told you how to find food, which plants were used to heal, and the history of the place where you lived. Not everyone is able to read Like listening to audiobooks, podcasts allow people …

Why is Storytelling important? Stories told with Words, Songs, and Visual Art, are the Foundation of Education, Culture, and Inspiration for every Culture in the World

By Seth Singleton Mythology is the subjective truth of people communicated through stories, symbols and rituals. Every culture has its own mythology. –¬†Devdutt Pattanaik     To contact Seth about telling your story click here

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