Mother’s Day All Year

values my mother taught me This is the first in a series about the lessons my mother taught me through example. Mother’s Day felt like a good day to publish it. But then I felt that celebrating it a few days later made more sense. You could say that I …

100 Types of Stories

Types of stories are like ideas. The only limit is our imagination. It only takes one new idea to rewrite the realm of possibility. My writing teacher once said, “There are only two stories. A stranger comes to town and a man goes on a trip.” Leo Tolstoy is credited …

Jerry and Tina

Our First Fifty Years If you want to know the story of Jerry and Tina Lowden. You have to start at the beginning, when Jerry Lowden was born at Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley. CA. He was raised in Oakland, and then moved to Walnut Creek in late 1963. Meanwhile, …

What You Can Do When You Can’t Do What You Want

On a Road to Self Acceptance with Tara Massan and Seth Singleton.

There are few feelings more powerful than want.

Only a small number of people even know what it is that they want.

There’s a difference between knowing what you want and getting it.