Jerry and Tina

Our First Fifty Years If you want to know the story of Jerry and Tina Lowden. You have to start at the beginning, when Jerry Lowden was born at Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley. CA. He was raised in Oakland, and then moved to Walnut Creek in late 1963. Meanwhile, …

Three Ways You Are Just Like Richard Branson

Three Ways You Are Just Like Richard Branson There are three ways you are just like Richard Branson. In the first place you are a representative. A beard or long flowing hair are not requirements to be a public face. You reflect your industry, your business, and the beliefs you …

Don’t Forget To Tie Your Tie

Editor’s Note — This is the first in a series about things that my father taught me and continues to teach me.
December 24 is his birthday and I thought this was an appropriate way to celebrate him.
Additional stories may include values observed in other fathers, popular stories about dads and more.

Your Company Story Reveals Its Values

Brand Storytelling is the source document for telling your company’s story. 

Stories define our environment. Stories represent our hopes, fears, and values.

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