Mother’s Day All Year

values my mother taught me This is the first in a series about the lessons my mother taught me through example. Mother’s Day felt like a good day to publish it. But then I felt that celebrating it a few days later made more sense. You could say that I …

100 Types of Stories

Types of stories are like ideas. The only limit is our imagination. It only takes one new idea to rewrite the realm of possibility. A writing teacher once said, “There are only two stories. A stranger comes to town and a man goes on a trip.” Leo Tolstoy is credited …

The Value Of A Public Commitment

The Value Of A Public Commitment To Your Audience The value of a public commitment is the dedication to clients and fans. When Dave Campbell was preparing to launch Parade Comics he chose to share a new page every week with his fans. Campbell described what it was like to …

The Resolution Trap

The Dangers of Self-Help

Self-help can reinforce feelings of shame and guilt and being less than
Self-help can enable avoidance and procrastination
Self-help creates more analysis by paralysis
Self-help is a diminishing return

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