Telling Lies and Messy Truth

The Telling

The problem with telling lies and the messy truth is simple when you break it down. Lies create trouble. They make the truth look messy.

By the time anyone is able to set things right the damage is done. Soon, it is impossible to know where to start. When you get lost on the trail between truth and lies it is hard to tell where you stand.

“Telling Lies” is the latest project from ‘Her Story’ creator Sam Barlow. Incidentally this is not a sequel. Besides, that doesn’t stop people from asking.

Does a show that he describes as “Sex, Lies and Videotape” meets “The Conversation” sound like something you will add to your queue? That’s the question Telling Lies hopes to answer.

Lies we tell

I’m always impressed by the power of one lie. Deception speeds a story down a hill to an unavoidable conclusion. Even if I don’t include “Telling Lies” on my watchlist I like the concept.

There is an innate power in stories like Ian McEwan’s Atonement. That story illustrates the role perception plays in the lies we tell and believe. What lies are you willing to tell?

This is not a sequel

We all get lost

Marvel & Stitcher Studios Production of Wolverine: The Lost Trail

Conversely, Wolverine: The Lost Trail states outright that it is the sequel to the award-winning 2018 serial podcast Wolverine: The Long Night.

In summary, the original podcast starring your favorite cigar-smoking mutant won the iHeartRadio Award for Best Scripted Podcast. Together with a Webby for Best Original Music / Sound Design in 2019 this podcast gained impressive attention.

What’s the truth behind Doomsday Clock’s delays?

DCN Podcast Talks 90s Batman, Jericho, and Ravager 

Next, on the latest episode of the DC Comics News Podcast I’m joined by fellow DCN Reviewer and Dark Knight News Editor-in-Chief Steve J Ray.

In addition to Steve’s insights from England, joining the discussion all the way from Australia is the owner of both DCN and DKN Damian Fasciani. Pause for applause.

In the first place we tackle the big topic of Doomsday Clock #10 being pushed back (again). Also, Ravager & Jericho joining Deathstroke on Titans season 2, and the possibility of The Batman being set in the ’90s.

DCN Spinner Rack #2

The Spinner Rack is back. As a result of intense review these were the top 5 releases spotlighted for the week of March 27th. Sit back, take a spin, and enjoy the ride! 

In the meantime, tell us what your top choices are this week!! Use the links at the bottom of this post and add #DCComicsNewsSpinnerRack to flag our attention.

Messy Writers are Human

Messy Truth About Successful Writers

Lastly, two decades and three bestselling novels later, author David Ebershoff’s opinion is unchanged. He says his process of writing, is still the same: messy, riddled with mistakes and full of uncertainties.

Does this sound like your writing?

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