MJ Wooly Testimonial



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MJ Wooly is a biotechnology company, targeting unique pharmaceutical/nutraceutical opportunities to leverage our team’s R&D experience. Many of the innovations are directly applicable to the cannabis industry. This nascent industry is going to create an entirely new category of pharmaceutical that has the potential to treat illness ranging from chronic pain to neurodegenerative diseases.
MJ Wooly identifies enigmatic cannabinoids and elucidate their ability to treat specific health conditions and improve wellness. Mj Wooly creates core technologies for the synthesis and purification of rare cannabinoids. It is the goal to introduce developed technology in an FDA approved manufacturing cascade that can be implemented by pharmaceutical companies.

There are many challenges for cannabis drug delivery: it is degraded by our digestive system, the molecules have poor absorption by our bodies and the effects are severely delayed. Our company has overcome these obstacles by inventing a patent pending drug delivery system. This delivery vehicle is robust and can be loaded with a wide variety of drug compounds. The purpose is to make cannabis medicines more consistent, safe and effective.

MJ Wooly’s strategy is to fill in the technological gap that currently exists in the cannabis industry, by creating innovations founded on sound scientific principles and good manufacturing practices. Our company creates valuable assets through a diverse IP portfolio revolving around cannabis medicine.




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