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What is Storytelling with Seth?

Welcome to the Storytelling with Seth podcast.

The great thing about stories is that there are always more to discover and tell. In fact they can occur in a matter of days, seconds or lifetimes.

A Place for Stories

This podcast is an audio collection of stories. To begin with it started with the stories that were happening around me.

However, things quickly evolved.

Storytelling with Friends

I soon reached out to friends, classmates, and colleagues to talk about stories that moved us by pushing old boundaries.

In particular we like to break down the patterns and systems that define industries and mediums that captivate our imaginations. In short it is all an attempt to urge them and us to be better.

Storytelling Discovery

Stories were created to inspire, educate, and entertain.

I’m inspired every time I come across a story in the news or on social media that impacts all of us.

Science and politics together with sports and entertainment, reflect the myriad of stories that shape our narratives.

As a result the impact of one event can subsequently have broad reverberations.

Stories Told Through Interviews

Listen to conversations about craft, character, and the elements of storytelling that feed our imagination.

Writers, artists, and creators share their challenges and triumphs here. Together we construct a dialogue upon the foundation of storytelling.

What The Critics Say

Selected for Best Independent Comics Podcasts by PlayerFm (2020, 2021)

About The Storyteller

Freelance Writer

Seth believes in a common thread that connect us all. In the end, everyone has a story to tell.  

He is the creator of Storytelling with Seth and the author of This is a Language of Fists.

Email to discuss a writing or podcast project or just to say hello. He promises to write back.

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