Trying New Things Is Hard

On New Things

Trying new things is never as easy or as hard as we imagine. My first experience hosting the DC Comics News Podcast was a perfect blend of two emotions. The first was fear. The second was excitement.

New People

I host my own show. Usually, there is one guest. Sometimes there are two. On this podcast, there would be at least three. I have never had so many guests to coordinate. I wanted to give everyone enough time and I wanted to sound like I knew what I was talking about on every topic.

The best way to find out if it worked is to gauge listener responses.

Take a Listen

The Expectation

The text for the episode created the expectation.

“Welcome back to the DC Comics News Podcast! We have revamped the show and brought in some new guests. On this week’s episode, Seth Singleton hosts as he chats with Brad Filicky, Joseph Marcas, and Steve J Ray about all the happenings in the world of DC.

Whether it’s Armie Hammer’s chances at being Batman, Dougray Scott joining ‘Batwoman’, or the third chapter of the critically acclaimed Batman/TMNT series, they talk about it all! So sit back and enjoy!”

The Anticipation

Knowing that nothing ever goes to plan is not the same when things do go wrong. I’m certain I said the word Um more than fifty times. You can send me the tally if you would like to see me turn red. Now, I am certain I stuttered. Also, I know that I mispronounced things. I learn most words because I read them. But that does not mean I know how to pronounce them. And, just because I know how to pronounce something is not a guarantee that I will say it correctly when it counts.

The Reality

Change, like challenge, is a good thing. Looking at something as a failure or a success is a binary limitation. Learning from mistakes is the productive choice to find solutions, not fault.

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