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The Weekly Wrap

The Weekly Wrap is a collection of stories. In addition to headlines pulled from national publications, episodes generally include insights to movie, gaming, and comic book news.

There’s No Such Thing as a Hard Game (Or an Easy One) 

Weekly Wrap-No-Hard-Games

Rami Israel tells a story about learning to cheat and building a game that convinces you to believe. To begin with, Israel describes how the process of engaging with a game requires suspension of our disbelief. By agreeing to the rules of the game, we agree to terms that will determine how “hard” a game becomes.

Narrating A Trail of Deceptions 

Weekly Wrap-Dan-Mallory-Studied-Tom-Ripley-Novels-New-Yorker

The story of Dan Mallory and an unraveling personal raises interesting questions about the writer’s identity. To begin with, Mallory studied the fictional exploits of Thomas Ripley in the novel series written by Patricia Highsmith.

Subsequently, questions arose when the stories he told in interviews changed with each telling. As a result, there are more questions about Dan Mallory, and in particular, does any of this change the value of his writing.

The Joker Movie — Joaquin Phoenix

Compared to the rotating door of leading men who have donned the cowl of Batman, few actors dare to play The Joker. However, Joaquin Phoenix is not only playing the iconic villain — he’s promising to redefine it.

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Weekly Wrap-5-More-Controversial-Comics

5 More Controversial Comics

Comic creators have a rough time. They need to keep readers interested, but to do so, they need to continually up the stakes for their characters.

In doing so, they will inevitably annoy a few fans causing a few storms in more than a few teacups.

Especially when these controversies have spilled into the mainstream.

About the Storyteller

Seth Singleton tells stories for one reason. Stories are the common thread that connect us all. In the end, everyone has a story to tell.  

He is the author of This is a Language of Fists and the writing team editor at Blue Alchemy Studios and its upcoming digital strategy card game — Planet Rise.

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