Lost That Christmas Feeling?

Lost that Christmas feeling sounds like a bad cover of an old song. It sounds like something that should be in a joke. But Christmas is the doorway into stories that are not our own.

What’s in a feeling?

Christmas is so much more than a day on the calendar. It is a time of magic and wonder in the eyes of many children and adults. But, Christmas is also a state of mind. This is why the emotions that it is founded on are not the same for everyone.

The presents and games and celebration are hopeful times for someone who can afford them. For those who cannot, the celebrations are tinged by separation and defined by the inaccessible. The experience is not general. It is personal and specific to every person.

Christmas-model-figurines-loading-christmas-tree-Lost That Christmas Feeling? Seth Singleton Storyteller

Yesterday was Christmas Eve

It was also my father’s birthday.

That morning he woke up in a hospital bed. He has been waiting for a scheduled date when he will be wheeled into the operating room for open-heart surgery. I don’t think it felt like much of a birthday. Today probably doesn’t feel like any Christmas that he remembers or imagined.

But, he also taught me that Christmas like everything else is about perspective. Sometimes seeing past the challenges and complications is about changing the way you are looking.

There are other times when the real trick is learning to change where you are setting your sights when you look. 

Perspective-toy-Volkswagen-Christmas-tree-on-top Lost That Christmas Feeling? Seth Singleton Storyteller

Christmas may not look like we remember and it may not feel like we expect it should, but it still has the ability to remind us that we can rise above the challenges when we remember that the holiday we celebrate is a reflection of the investment we make to experience it.

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Seth believes that stories are a common thread that connects us all and that everyone has a story to tell.

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Seth Singleton believes in a common thread that connects us all. In the end, everyone has a story to tell.  

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