Where to Find the Courage to Challenge Your Beliefs by Asking what Serves You – On a Road to Self Acceptance with Tara Massan

By Seth Singleton

Rough Starts can still make for a great conversation.

I don’t feel good. Stomach trouble.

Tara hurt her back when she tried a new workout routine called HIIT. 
I forget to ask her to explain what this is and means. 
My best understanding is that it is High-Intensity Interval Training

My stomach, her back, means we are off to a rough start.

But, we both know the remedy. 
Rest enough and we will regain our health.
The body heals itself.

Oh, and I still have a lingering cough, so you hear me opening a cough drop and crinkling a wrapper. 

Maybe more than once.


Today we are focusing on change

Tara came up with this topic and I thought it was important that we did it right, which is why I asked her to take the lead. 

If I was going to contribute to this idea, I needed to get out of the way enough to see what we were talking about. 

When I did, Tara’s purpose and direction led to an amazing discussion. Here are a few of my favorite gems

  • As we get older our life experience compounds and beliefs will be challenged.
  • It takes courage to change your beliefs. We all have permission to change our minds anytime we want.
  • We are often afraid to admit our mind has changed. 

Start Simple

Let’s start with an example like nutrition. It’s a challenge to get the right nutrients from the things we crave. Making a choice to do something for our health can be uncomfortable, and it can even make our personal relationships awkward. 

Tara reads a great passage from White Hot Truth by Danielle LaPorte that really lends a fresh voice to the discussion.

Many people including ourselves are afraid to change their minds and behaviors because we identify with them. 

This is when an inner conflict will arise.

There are other examples:

  • Career change, quitting a habit
  • finding a new significant other
  • trying something new
  • or giving up something harmful like drinking diet soda and alcohol or smoking.

Permission Slips

One thing that can help is something Tara uses called Permission Slips. I love this idea because it is a way to remember that we deserve forgiveness. Tara’s examples describe a series of specific and general notes that allow each of us to be imperfect.

My favorite permission slip is when I need a day to rest. Taking stock of the work I’ve done that week, whether it is physical or emotional and giving myself a day off.

This is a great way to think rationally about what my mind and body need. It can even be a motivation for taking better care of myself. If I want to keep a successful streak going, I need to recharge for the next set of tasks that I want to tackle. 

‘Tehuantepec’ Photo by Graciela Iturbide, 1980 Courtesy of San Francisco Museum of Modern Arts (SFMOMA)

We are allowed to be a walking contradiction

What does that mean?

It means to challenge your beliefs and ask questions all the time.

Where do we start?

Ask the question, Does this Serve Me?

We can also remember that it is okay to disagree. 

We don’t have to surrender to our beliefs. 

joseph Campbell 

I go on a rant about Joseph Campbell and his book The Hero With A Thousand Faces. It’s a great read that I return to often. At the end of his story, once he has taken the reader on a tour of the worlds belief systems, Campbell returns to the hero of the story, us. 

We are the star of the story. We are the son, the daughter, brother, sister, father, mother, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, novice and sage. 

About Tara Massan


Tara Massan is a Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, and Lifestyle Coach. She helps chronically stressed out adults create healthier lifestyles by addressing their obstacles through her 4 Pillars of Health: Mindset-Movement-Nutrition-Rest. 

She is also the creator of Be Moved and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, US Weekly and the Huffington Post. She has also contributed to over 20 publications with one purpose: To help others live a healthier life.

You can connect with Tara by visiting her website www.taramassan.com or emailing her attara@taramassan.com

About the voice behind Storytelling with Seth

Seth Singleton is a storyteller.

He is the writing team editor at Blue Alchemy Studios and its upcoming release, Planet Rise and a free-agent writer who works by project and contract.

Seth believes that stories are a common thread that connects us all and that everyone has a story to tell.

You can visit his website at sethsingletonstoryteller.com.

To contact him about a writing or podcast project email him at sethsingleton@gmail.com

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